Nope, I’m no food diva and am no food expert – but I love food and I love taking pictures of food and love sharing what I eat with my friends and family from back home in Asia.  The reason why I started this food blog is to show those from Asia who have migrated to another country – mostly the west or Europe  – how they can improvise with the little ingredients they have – and make food from home.  You see we have cravings for laksa, mee siam and curry chicken!  Or sambal or chee cheong fun.


Food from home

So what makes me different? What defines me?   And can I be a the next food blog star?  I believe so – because I’ve made friends thru’ this blog from all over the world! What makes my blog special ?  Friendship and those who love food, those who empathize with me – being so far away from home and missing what they’re used to.  This food blog has brought me so many good friends even though I haven’t met many of them in person  – I’ve been touched by so many good/kind  people out there – showing me that there are people who are kind and can give unconditionally.   My food blog brings people together from all walks of life and I’m sure someone said that food brings people together – food is special.    My blog helps people connect – we have a passion for food and a passion for a good movies and most importantly a passion for all things good.    What defines me and my blog?  I love food and I love sharing the food I eat with everyone.  Good food and good friends come together easily.  So come vote for my blog and vote for me to be the next food blog star.


Gifts from fellow blogger!


Love sharing food finds – that is low in calories and sugar for diabetics like myself.


Love eating out! and tell you the way it is.


Love trying any kind of food! from monkey brains  to fried scorpions, raw fish – nothing to it!  – yes! i’m very adventurous when it comes to food.


Voting only starts on the 20 September – please vote by clicking on my official contestant page located on my side bar.


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