I had my favorite soup sometime last week and I just couldn’t resist it – even though it wasn’t even lunch time yet.   The gals at Tim’s had always been nice and always let me know whenever they do have mushroom soup – because they know it’s my favorite.   And the soup didn’t disappoint – of course because of my diet – i didn’t eat the roll that came with it.


Of course, I also did what I wouldn’t 6 months ago – to see how many calories I was slurping down – and if you go to Tims Horton’s nutritional calculator on the net – you will find everything you need to know of that bowl of soup.  A bowl like this is 150 calories with 3 gms of sugar.  Sinful but not sinful enough to make me gawk –  and it was yummy!  what is your favorite soup?  how many calories does your soup have?


  1. frances

    MY favorite soup is Minestrone.. I really don’t know how many calories it has but it is so delicious especially on a cold day 🙂

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