Gun Metal Grey

Notable : TVB 43rd Anniversary Series (2010), Felix Wong’s comeback series, Replacing Every Move You Make Release Date : November 1, 2010 Honest policeman Sek Dung Sing (Felix Wong) innocently spent 15 years in prison due to his involvement in a murder case. Later, although he investigated the truth to the false verdict, he had … [Read more…]

No Regrets

Notable : TVB 43rd Anniversary series (2010), Replacing The Comeback Clan Release Date : October 18, 2010 Episodes: 32 Guangzhou is in a state of political turmoil in the 1930s. Gangsters are on a rampage and opium trading becomes rampant. As they watch the illicit profits from opium trading escalate, the government forms the Anti-Smoking … [Read more…]

City Under Siege

Genre: Action/Sci-Fi Director: Benny Chan Casts: Aaron Kwok, Colin Chou, Zhang Jing Chu, Shu Qi, Wu Jing Synopsis Sunny (Aaron Kwok) is a clown in a circus act but he aspires to be a top performer just like his dad, The King of Flying Knife. While in Malaysia, Sunny and a few of his circus … [Read more…]

Desserts For Thanksgiving

While Grammie and Grampie provided the turkey – for Thanksgiving dinner – we brought the dessert – but like any “ang moh” family – we cannot have only one desserts right? hehehehe!!!  yes – the “ang mohs” love their sweets – that’s for sure.  Unfortunately for me – I can see but not eat – … [Read more…]

KFC Snack Box

I haven`t had KFC since May – well end of May – so it had been a few months.  When I saw that they had a snack box for $2.99 last weekend – I told PB to get some to try – of course – he had the snack box and I had a 2 … [Read more…]