Yes! brownies with frosting! how cute right!  and what a treat for PB and Chloe – even I couldn’t resist and tried one piece of it!  I have been eating non-stop since Thanksgiving – I swear I’ve put on weight – and I haven’t been exercising last week because I pulled a muscle.  I’m so afraid to go and weigh in with my family doctor next week – hahahah!!  Feel kinda ashamed of myself – for letting myself go sweet crazy lately.  If anyone can tell me what weight loss supplments work that would be awesome!  I bet I’ve put on some – plus it must not be good for my blood sugar either.


But it was definitely yummy!  chloe had 2 of these before she would quiet down and go to bed.  I know! i know! i’m a bad mama – letting her eat something like that before going to bed – but it isn’t often.  But I had better watch out for Chloe’s diet too – else she will be overweight too like most kids in the west.  Everything in moderation like we teach Chloe and she didn’t ask for any today.


  1. Sunny

    supplment is generally not good to lose weight. how about try this – health breakfast, regular size of lunch and no starch food for dinner. It does work for me ^-^

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