So is it true or is it  myth?  my grandmother used to stop us from eating fried food – when we were kids – because she said it causes acne.   So how true is it?  is acne caused by eating fried food?  if it was true – how come PB got no acne?  he eats fried food all the time.   My grandmother never let us eat fried food – she said it wasn’t healthy – so even till now – at the back of my mind – when we do eat fried food – I associate it with needing acne products in the near future.

I rather not eat fried food if it can remotely caused acne – that was what i thought when i was young – after all the face and your skin care is very important right.  We eat a lot of steam stuff and veggies when we were kids – and anything deep fried was a no-no.   That’s why I don’t like it when Chloe eats fried food – what about you ?  do you let your kids or yourself eat lots of fried food?  I noticed in the West – they don’t mind it that much – but for us Asian – it’s like a taboo or something eh.  Crazy Asians?


  1. Hmm…the crazy asians believe that fried foods cause heatiness in the body. Hence, the acne 😀 I do get acne (yes at my age) after I indulged in fried food like chicken and curries. I wonder how come PB doesn’t get acne eh? Probably he has very good skin…hehehehhe. I forbid ashley from eating fried food. Not even nuggets 🙁

  2. Sunny

    I think it depends on ur skin type. I have oily skin so it is very easy to get acne if i eat fried foods. That is y I normally skip fried foods and try to have more vege for my diet in order to keep my skin clean. Every girl likes to be pretty. Haha….

  3. I’m 15 and my mom can’t stop telling me that fried food causes acne too ! I didn’t know that only asians believed in that thing =P However, my mom cooks fried food even if it’s not too good for the health ! Fried food is so tasty!

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