While Grammie and Grampie provided the turkey – for Thanksgiving dinner – we brought the dessert – but like any “ang moh” family – we cannot have only one desserts right? hehehehe!!!  yes – the “ang mohs” love their sweets – that’s for sure.  Unfortunately for me – I can see but not eat – but never mind lah!


The banana loaf I wanted to try again – so i bought it and ate a piece and left it at Grammie’s and Grampie’s – that way they can finish it – I won’t feel bad and feel the need to eat it all on my own.


The lemon meringue was going for 50% off since the grocery store wasn’t going to be opened on Thanksgiving – so I bought it too.  It turned out to be pretty good afterall – but grampie found it to be a bit too sweet.


Look at how much meringue there was – hahah!!


A look at the banana loaf – it was pretty good – but really sweet – and since they don’t have the nutritional info on it – home-made style – so I dare not eat too much.


Chloe and PB loved the Thanksgiving cake – we bought some home and they finished it up within days.   Chloe loved the frosting and would licked the box clean if I allowed her – hahahha!


  1. Chef Cindy

    OMG, I will dye for some of those Thanksgiving cake. The banana loft have a nice golden brown on it. Which is pretty good looking. I am not a big fan of lemon meringue pie. But I will eat it since it look super good. I am also watching on my weight too…hahaha

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