The grocery stores are all geared up for Halloween as you can see – all orange coconut macaroon cookies – yummy!   I love the coconut – if you don’t know by now.   I`m so tempted to buy and eat some – but I know I could never finished it.    A lot of people here – don`t mind eating sweets like that – I think the kids eat most of them – luckily for us – Chloe never asked to eat stuff like that.  A friend of ours who loves her sweets and all sorts of greasy and junk food – she can`t resist it – uses a colon cleanse every couple of months to rid the toxin – she puts into her body – she said so herself.   I guess it`s a must eh – if you eat so much junk – what about you?  how do you rid your toxins?


A Halloween mini – cake


A pumpkin like mini cake


A pumpkin shaped – orange sprinkled cookies.


More orange cookies!

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