I love my nuts and the doctor told me that it was good to eat some nuts as snack – so when i saw this new packaging for organic nuts – i had to get them.  But lo and behold – a quarter of this bag is just as much calories as 27 chips *slap forehead* !  man oh man!  what can i eat these days?   So for all of you out there – check the packaging before chomping anything down – i really didn’t know that nuts can be so many calories.  So i guess i have to chomp cherry tomatoes now.  hahaha!


  1. the calories may be higher, but its definitely more nutrient dense than chips! plus, there aren’t unnecessary ingredients in nuts =) sometimes i like to put bittersweet chocolate chips (70%cacao) in my nuts. sometimes unsalted nuts are better to avoid the sodium!

  2. Chef Cindy

    I only use nuts on pastries cuz I am not a big fan of nuts….hahaha Costco have nuts for real cheap n it’s in a BIG BAG.

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