It must have had been a special weekend for PB last week – for he ordered something different from his usual fish and chips. hahah!!  Yes! he had chicken fettuccine – and don’t let the plate deceived you – because there was a lot of chicken and fettuccine in the plate. PB can’t finished it and had to bring home half of it.


I too ordered something different – a third of a rib – with bbq sauce.  No regrets!  the ribs were so tender – it fell apart as soon as I started picking at it with a fork.  I also had a Caesar salad instead of fries.  And mannnn!!! it was a lot of meat.  Definitely worth the $9.99 we paid for it.


Chloe had the whole piece of fish from the children’s menu – minus the breaded part – but she did finished the entire fish – which was a surprised and even had room for dessert.  As usual the waitress was really kind to us.  We just love eating at Jungle Jims.  Cheap/good  food and good service – can’t ask for more.

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