While it is getting colder here – in Sydney it is getting warmer and soon – there will be Farmer’s Market everywhere in Sydney.  How I know?  I lived in Sydney for about 8 months while overseeing a hotel get put together – a deluxe 5 star hotel right in CBD area – can you guess which one?   There is the Farmers Markets at the Entertainment Quarter, another one at Hawkesbury Harvest and Gourmet Food Market at Castle Hill and not forgetting the Eveleigh Christmas Farmers’ Market.  From free range eggs to Giant chocolate dipped strawberries and ham jam too!  The only thing about Sydney Farmers’ Market I wished they had were receipt printer because I buy so much – I forget how much i paid for stuff sometimes.  If they give out receipts that would be great and I’m sure I am not the only one thinking of it – because my g/fs all think the same way.   Some I know buy the whole month’s worth of food – if they can – hahah!  But which Farmers’ Market gives out receipt eh?   I don’t think I’ve seen one – have you?  wonder how they pay their taxes eh? hahah!


  1. kokoro

    MB, I go to Gourmet Food Market at Castle Hill all the time. Still no receipts lor! I love getting lovely jams and honey from the markets. When will you be coming back for a visit? The weather over here is still pretty cool but the markets are in full swing!

  2. Chef Cindy

    Here in NYC they have farmer’s market, they never give receipt too. I never look at how much food cost, cuz if it looks good than it’s a MUST HAVE. You only live once in a life time, why not eat the best rite?

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