Yes! i haven’t eaten Turkey bacon for a long time – since I was trying to lose weight and because I noticed I don’t sleep very well after eating too much fried food.  I need natural sleep aids to help me fall asleep after eating a lot of fried food.  But since I haven’t eaten it for a long time – I decided to have a little – and change my diet just a little.  We never eat the regular bacon – because it’s too high in calories and cholesterol.  The turkey bacon has a new packaging now – and it’s pretty convenient now when you wanna eat bacon.


Before this zip pak – I needed to open it up and then transfer it into another ziplock bag – or lately I have been using a tupperware instead.  So it’s pretty awesome now that they have this zip pack – I found it a lot more enticing to buy and eat bacon.  But like I said – bacon and any fried food keeps me awake the entire night – but I know it’s just me – PB and chloe doesn’t have this problem.

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  1. shirleyloo

    looking gud woh…now that u mentioned..im gonna go get sum hehe…but of coz not turkey lah…here don hv ;-(

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