My Kid Is Famous!

Chloe told her class teacher that she was on a magazine – hahahha!! her teacher replied – ” I guess we’ll have to get your autograph after class!” muahahhaha!!!  It’s that time of the year again – that if you are a subscriber – you can enter a contest with Today’s Parents to be on … [Read more…]

Show Me The Happy

So many good shows coming up on Monday – Show Me The Happy replaces Some Day which ends today. ‘Family Style’ dedicated medical clinic is ran by the Chai’s family three siblings after the death of their parents. Oldest sister CHAI CHUEN (Michelle Yim) deals with all the administrative management of the clinic. Second sister … [Read more…]

Twilight Investigation

Twilight Investigation replaces No Regrets – and starts on 29 November 2010 – Monday – watch out for it. Private agency owner YIP KWOK-CHEONG (Shek Sau) was a former cop. His three investigators are vastly different in terms of personality. CHOW KA-SING (Wong Ho Yin) is a style freak, WONG SIU-FU (Lee Sze Chit) is … [Read more…]

Retro Candy Machine

Have you seen this candy machine before? or remember them?  I remember them from Singapore Island Country Club when I was a young gal – older than Chloe but young nevertheless.  This retro candy machine was in the recreation room in the clubhouse back home and then it cost like 1 cent to get a … [Read more…]

Meet Faith

Meet Faith  –  Mr & Mrs B’s latest addition in the family – isn’t she precious! And meet Cookie – Chloe’s oldest doll from Kim our customer turned friend.  This was Kim’s first Christmas gift to Chloe when Chloe turned one years old.  Cookie is as old as Chloe – I think Faith will be … [Read more…]

A Soup & A Bagel Lunch

Sometimes when I don’t know what to eat for lunch – I have a mushroom soup and a bagel from my favorite coffee place.  Can you all guess where it is?   Those living in Canada and in USA – will know that Tim’s is everywhere and it’s everyone’s favorite.  Coffee is by far the cheapest … [Read more…]