I think I can call myself a food lover – are you?  who doesn’t love good food right?  sometimes I am grateful I don’t lived in Asia no more – because if I did – I would truly be horridly obese!  The amount of good food – that one can get in Asia – is just amass!  And like all food lovers – we are cursed – cursed because it shows what kind of food we put into our body – it’s like a love-hate relationship that I have with my food.  Have you ever eaten a whole boxful of durian in one sitting?  I did !!!! watching tvb drama on tv – and enjoying myself thoroughly!  Have you had a whole order of crabs – by yourself in your tv room ?  I did!!!  But after eating a very satisfying meal – I feel so guilty !!!  And like all food lover – we wanna keep our weight at a reasonable number – so we read up a lot about fat burners and hydroxycut reviews to see which one is the safest and effective way to lose those ugly love handles and that big tummy.

Exercising is HARDDDDDD!!!  you need determination and time – and when you can find any ambition at the end of the day – what do one do?  so i say again – I’m glad I’m not in Asia or any part in Canada where the food I loved is available anytime.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t crave for good food – i do!  i even managed to get frozen durian – during my recent trip to the city – muahahhahaha!!!  greedy, greedy!!  I better do more step aerobics before eating them.  So food lovers out there – how do you keep your weight down?  pray share!!

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  1. Frankly speaking, I haven’t need been able to keep my weight down due to my love for food. You are so right that in Asia, food are easily available and at almost at all ungodly hours.
    The only thing I do now is to keep my weight down is to drink at least 2 glass of water before I eat and after food take a cup of hot strong green tea. It keeps me from overeating and the 2pkt of green tea afterwards washes away the oil… I hope.

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