We have been busy looking for dining chairs of late – but haven`t had any luck so far – finding the right ones at the right price.  Have you seen my kitchen of late?  Yes!  it’s pretty small – an open concept kitchen as they called it – what was I thinking of when I bought this house?

I would have loved my bathroom sink to be like the ones back home  pedestal sinks – why?  easier to clean and a lot less dust trapped around it.   If i had to choose another house again – my kitchen isn’t going to be an open concept one – and definitely need a bigger dining table and lots more chairs – so that I can host any dinner not just Christmas.  Plus more than 1 bathroom – that’s for sure.  So hard to host anything with just one bathroom!  I need a guest bathroom and a master bathroom and a bathroom for Chloe.

So yes! would love to host Christmas dinner at my home this year – but I’ve to really make some changes – more chairs – change the sink in the bathroom and in my plans – is to add another bathroom in the basement.  Oh did I say also a fireplace in the basement?  Yes!  I have so many things I wanna do for our house.



  1. Jerry

    I think you can still host christmas dinner; just purchase one of those foldable tables from wal-mart and rent some chairs. Decorate both the table and chairs with some festive table and chair setting and you have your space. My wife and I are planning the same thing for our thanksgiving dinner. Her grandpa travels with a wheelchair so her dad and I are try to figure out how to get him up our new home’s stairs. We’ll create something so we can all enjoy the big turkey dinner…gobble gobble! ~Jerry L.

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