Meet Lena – from Lena’s Designer Cakes – Edible Art For Every Occasion. I only met the very talented Lena in the Farmer’s Market and enjoyed her treats every Saturday.


As you can see all her cakes were very pretty – so delightful looking and i find it hard to sink my teeth into them and would rather admire them instead.  Silly me eh! hahah!


They were not just ordinary cup cakes or cookie – they were thoughtfully put together by one skilled hands and the ingredients used may not be the conventional type – but nevertheless must try.  i loved the cheese frosting on one of them – and a short cake cookie too.


These fudge were no ordinary fudge – they looked plain – but the taste were magnificent.  They were called belgian chocolate orange fudge.   Definitely worth buying!


These yummy looking cookie were made of cheese with cheese topping.  Lena does wedding cakes and specially designed birthday cakes too.   Some of her specialty cakes are so cute!   So if you are living in Nova Scotia and wants some special cake for special occasion – you can contact her directly at Lena’s Designer’s Cake.


  1. shirleyloo

    lovely!! 😉 I’ve always admire people that can make such tiny little piece of delectable bites ;-D

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