PB turned 38 yrs old earlier this month – and like usual – we bought him a cake to celebrate – actually not much of a celebration – because there was nothing he really wanted for a present – and no restaurants here he wanted to eat in.  Plus we had to work on his birthday – so a cake was all we had for him.

So the man is 38 yrs of age – while I am 45 – so yes ! i’m the cradle robber here – hahahha!!  It’s true yer know – think about it – When I was 20 yrs old – dating and having boyfriends – PB was like 13 yrs old and still in school and don’t even know anything about girls yet (or did he?) hahhaha!!  Unlike Asians – mothers frown upon their son bringing home an older woman like some sort of taboo thing – here in the West – they are more acceptable about it.  Anyhow – I wished I was 38 again – I think I might have more stamina – hahah! to catch up with Chloe.

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  1. kokoro

    That’s a lovely birthday cake. I bet PB enjoyed his birthday and his cake!
    I didn’t know you’re a cradle snatcher, MB!

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