While the rest of the whole must be having turkey for Christmas – I started Christmas with Fish Cake and Tau Pok Laksa – muahahahhaha!!!  Give me Tau Pok and fish cake laksa anytime !!  the turkey and lobster can wait.  A few years ago – we had lobsters for Christmas – I guess that year must be a very good year for PB’s parents – so they bought lobsters for Christmas.  But I had some of the above for Christmas eve – followed by deer meat – and then a turkey for dinner.  What about you?  what did you have for Christmas?  I bet a lot of you must be feasting on sweets and candies like us.  I had all sorts of sweets on Christmas day – I bet my doctor won’t be too, too happy muahahhaha!!


  1. simie

    I think I would go for your bowl of fish cake and tau pok laksa rather than lobster or turkey! That bowl of laksa is making me drool….

  2. Frances

    It looks delicious, yummy !! We had Prime Ribs & seafood for our Christmas fest dinner with family followed with Red velvet cake for dessert !! 🙂

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