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I love to take pictures of food – as you all know and I love to post them up – but I also have a bad habit – I do my pictures on my computer – store all of them there – plus I love watching a movie on my computer and I have like games running in the background as well.  PB said – it’s a wonder my computer isn’t crashing – but I also reminded him that he had put in extra computer memory aka ram for me – when I first started on this new computer.   So with this the extra rams – my computer isn’t so sluggish any more.  So remember – storing your photos or movies onto your computer doesn’t really caused the computer to slow down – it’s the running of different programs and having a lot of windows opened at the same time that does.  But it’s easy to fix – and cheap too now – to add on extra memory for your computer.    No more sluggish computer for me – that’s for sure – else I would be banging my head on the desktop – hahahha!!


Chloe’s handicraft – made with Grammie – her ice penguin.

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  1. Comment by Margaret — December 9, 2010 @ 7:40 pm

    I love how Chloe and her grammie spend time together…..baking and doing crafts.

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