Notable: Replacing Gun Metal Grey
Episodes: 20

The subtle relationship between Barrister SHING WAI-SHUN (Steven Ma) and pole dancer HUNG LONG-KIU (Fala Chen) begins with a cell phone. KIU has been treating SHUN hot and cold. On top of this, he also finds her somewhat unpredictable. He decides to check her out secretly. His good friend, KWAN HO-CHING (Yoyo Mung) discovers that KIU is going out with rich businessman KO WING-TAI (Lau Tan). Under SHUN’s questioning, KIU confesses she is coveting TAI’s money, telling him to relinquish hope. It turns out that a mysterious man, who has been close, at hand is controlling KIU. Laying bare the darkest side of human nature, Links to Temptation is a thriller about morality, money, greed and arrogance.

sneak peek

what to do I’m addicted to my cantonese shows.  I cannot eat a meal without watching a canto drama from tvb and this is a new show and only been out for 4 days.  So far – I’m loving it – pretty intriguing show – not as exciting as the previous tvb drama – but nevertheless still pretty good. Leave a comments if you want to say synopsis or chat about the show.


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