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How’s your weekend so far?  we just got up for breakfast – and we are late!  darn!!  as usual! went to bed too late !  anyhow – lets start off your day with a cooking show – hope you enjoy it and learn a dish or two from Fei Mah – and listen to what Ah Tan had to say about his life away from screen.  Have a happy weekend!  for we are busy this weekend – 2 birthdays today and then we have chloe’s birthday tomorrow at the movies!  woohoo!!  JOY!  NOT! and i need to get a hold of some dereon for Christmas presents for my girlfirend’s kid – she don’t know how to order online – so she wants me to help out.

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  1. kokoro

    Dear Chloe

    Happy,happy birthday to you! Hope you get lots and lots of lovely pressies on your birthday! Enjoy your day!

    Much love

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