We Chinese believe that double boil soup is good for health and some according to my late grandmother are   treatments for arthritis as well.  I am thinking it’s the herbs that are used in the double -boiled soup – infused with other ingredients – these soup turned out to be tonic soup.  Double boiled soups are not only treatments for arthritis but for other health issues too.  I’m not saying that by drinking these soup – they will cure some illness entirely – but it helps to boost the immune system and different parts of your body.  How true is it?  I think they are quite true – I know that my complexion used to be a lot better when I was home in Asia – with lots of places one can get genuine double boiled soup.  But now if I want any simple soup – I have to boil them myself – I hardly drink any – unless the Zhus made some and give me some, therefore, my complexion is not as good as I want them to be – but I do try to eat lots of veggies but nothing beats soup – the good ole low four tong.


  1. Margaret

    I think part of the reason our complexion is not as good as when we lived in Asia, is due to the cold dry air. Humidity does wonders for the skin… keeps it (skin) looking plump!

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