Baby J

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Introducing Baby J – new addition at the New Century Restaurant  – I just went to visit them yesterday – my first chance – since Chloe and I had been sick and down with a bad cold.   According to the Zhu’s there were lots of babies born that week – so if anything – you and I know – this town needs lots of hospital worker.  So if you have a  medical resume – you know you will make it in this town – because like I told you – this is a baby town.

Baby J  was such a wonderful baby!  I already fell in love with him – he was so cute and so tiny!  reminds me of Chloe when she was so tiny!  ohhhh!! i missed those days!   But yes! if anyone wants a baby and can’t have them – come to Y-town – I bet you will get pregnant real soon – it’s the water here – I tell everyone! hahahha!

Maria & Friends Ch 11

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part 1

part 2

part 3

Wow!  time flies ! already the weekend – so i leave you with another cooking show with Maria and Friends – hope you are enjoying it – and having a great weekend.

Yummy Food @ Peg’s

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Yes! we had a late lunch at Peg’s down on Main Street again – 4 weekend in a row – that’s what we tell all our customers at our store now – when we endorsed a good place to dine and wine.  Chloe treats Peg’s like her second home now – hahha!


As usual – we had soup that comes with every meal that you order from Peg’s – PB didn’t want the soup as usual – not because the soup ain’t good – but because the main course are huge – and he was saving his tummy for the main course – which he loved.  No prizes for guessing what he got for main course – muahahha!


And garlic baguette as requested – so awesome right – they are!


Chloe had her usual pan fried fish and fries – she already had the fries earlier – when we were having our soup – because she was sooooooo  hungry.  This is why we liked Peg’s because they accommodate us in any way they can and with a smile.


And I had something new – seafood pasta!  yummy and lots of seafood.


PB had his favorite of course – Chicken Cordon Bleu.   Yes! we do love Peg’s Family restaurant – food is really good – and I’m dying to try their burgers.

Gift From Switzerland

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Another gift came thru’ the mail for Chloe on after Christmas  – and this one all the way from Switzerland.  My blogging friend from Switzerland sent this for Chloe – so sweet of her.  Did we tell you how blessed we are?  I told everyone to please not send gift to Chloe and I because postage very expensive – but still they sent stuff for Chloe.  How sweet are they  – you tell me?  how can I repay all these good people?


And it was even gift wrapped.  Chloe was very excited to see Christmas wrapper!


Whoohoo!! clothings!!


It’s a warm 3 piece ensemble of a track pants and t-shirt and a jacket.  Thank you so much – Jaslyn!  You all are too nice to Chloe and I – we are forever grateful lah!

Sunday Brunch

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This is how PB looked like on a Sunday – not getting enough rest – because Chloe would still wake up at the same time as usual even though it is a Sunday. My mom used to say – “Old man’s darling and young man’s fool”  – meaning you have to marry an old man – so that he would do everything for you instead of the other way around.  Well, mom – if you are reading this – you are sooooo ..  WRONG! muahahahhaha!!!  For those who are not aware of this – PB is younger than I by 8 years – I’m the cradle robber in this relationship.   But PB does a lot of things around the house – from waking up every morning and making breakfast for our lil’ brat – to packing her juice and milk for school and getting her snacks ready as well.  I get to sleep in till they are ready to go to school.


On Sunday’s we eat at Peg’s these days – can you blame us – when the food is good and the service excellent!  For starters – they brought us some french toast with butter – because PB and I don’t like whole wheat buns.


As usual they had soup with the meal that we ordered – the next time – i’m gonna try asking for a salad instead and see what they say.


They even pan-fried the fish for chloe instead of deep fried because Chloe had a bad throat  – now you see why we keep going back.


Last week – i tried the chicken cordon bleu as well – and it was excellent.


Chloe loves Peg’s family restaurant now –  that she didn’t mind they didn’t have stuff for her to color while waiting for her food – she brought her own coloring book and crayons – muahahahah!!!  tell me about smart!


And of course, she had her dessert as well.

Gift From New York City

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This blog has brought me many online friends and I’m really grateful for everyone’s friendship – this Christmas I had asked everyone not to send any presents to me and Chloe because we just lost a family member – and we wanted a really quiet Christmas.  But everyone is so kind – and on Christmas eve – we received an expedited parcel from New York City from my dear friend – from a long time ago – Michelle was my University friend from UK and we graduated the same year in Glasgow but we’ve kept in contact and she recently moved to New York City nearer to where I am.  I’m grateful for Michelle’s friendship but there was really no need to send me any gifts.


So what was in the box?


Michelle remembered that I loved the Body Shop stuff – we used to head over to London on the weekends – and shop there and one of the shops that I must go to – was the Body shop.


Yes! the Body Shop had been around for a long time.  And look at all the goodies in the box – from soup to lotion and shampoo for me and Chloe, not forgetting some creamy soap for PB’s dry skin.  So thoughtful of Michelle.  Thank you so much Mitch!  Lets hook up really soon.  I wished the ferry was still working – that way we don’t have to fly to New York – we can drive.

Strawberry Cheese Danish For Diabetics

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Most of you know that I can’t take too much sweets because I’m diabetic – but who can resist a good pastry right?  and plus this Strawberry cheese danish wasn’t as sweet – so I could eat them in pieces.  I don’t eat all of it – for fear that my sugar may get too high.  Don’t want an overdose of sugar in my blood right?  so I eat a third of it for breakfast snack and then a third of it in the afternoon and the rest of it in the evenings.  So don’t say diabetic can’t eat sweets – sure you can – just don’t eat too much of it at one go.  It all comes down to making choices – you are what you eat they say.

Maria & Friends Cooking Ch 10

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part 1

part 2

Ahhh..  the weekend is here again – and I leave you with another episode of Fei Mah and her cooking show – hope you like it while i nurse my cold and Chloe’s – yah! both of us are sick.  bummer !

Hawaiian Pizza With Chicken From Greco

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Last week – when Chloe went to her Grammie’s for the day – PB and I had Hawaiian pizza with chicken from Greco’s.  The call to order it was quick and easy – the staff were nice, friendly and polite and food was ready in 10 mins.  Pretty awesome if you asked me – for a Saturday when I remembered ordering from Pizza Hut back home – can take 45mins or more.  Is it still the same this way back home?  someone please tell me.

We chose Hawaiian pizza with chicken because we wanna try something healthier.  The pineapple were yummy and the chicken was good too.  But I didn’t finished the pizza – I only had 2 pieces and PB only had one.  We are not big fan of pizzas as you can see – but Greco’s is one of our favorite – not too greasy – nor is it dry – or cardboard feel – like some places we have been to.

Tipping Etiquette

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So we all eat out every now and then – it can be a fast food restaurant – it can be a japanese one – my favorite or it can also be a nice cafe down the street.  Some we frequent more and some less – but what about the people who gets our food ready?   do you tip them?  how do you tip them?  10%?  or according to the service you received?  pray tell.

What about me?  I used to tip according to the service – when I was in Asia and traveling with the company I worked for – after all, the tips were paid by the company as well – since we claimed entertainment.  Plus it is not unusual to tip more to your favorite sommelier – who knows exactly what wine you like or reserved a particular wine just for your party that you were entertaining.

But coming to Canada – the spouse aka PB pays for all meals – so he does the tipping as well.  Normally, we tip no less than $5 – but we usually tip 15% of the bill.  But what is the right tipping etiquette you asked?  is there one?  and what about the waiter or waitress who served you for 2 hrs – especially if you have a table of 8 – 10?

I spoke to some professionals in the service industry – and they feel that if not by the service you received than at least 15% of your bill.  So remember – if you eat anywheres – please tip your waiter or waitress – because it definitely shows that you appreciate their time and service.  But if you tip differently – please also let me know.

Spicy Food & I

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I never used to like spicy food when I was living back home in Asia – Singapore – in fact – my mom and sister loved the chilli – and sambal – but not me – thank you very much – I would tell them.  But ever since migrating her to Canada – I cannot eat anything without the spicy.  Even when I eat spaghetti – I need to have tabscos sauce on it – else i won’t eat spaghetti at all.  So you can understand why I am always on the look out for the best acne products because my mom had always said that when you take too much spicy food – you will have pimples and acne popping out.


These are some of the spicy food we can get at our local grocery store – but I still don’t think they are spicy enough for me.  I want really spicy please.


More spicy food means more acne and pimples – but eat first and then treat it later.

Hickory Smoked Ham Breakfast Sandwich

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You all know how i loved Tim Hortons – or come to loved Tim Hortons – I think more so because of the good people in it.  I think service in a restaurant or cafe – even a fast food chain is important.  I mean – who wants to go into a place where someone is grouchy or think that they are more superior than you right?  But yes! the folks at Tim’s had always treated me right – the morning staff – of course – because I only go in the morning.  I rarely do have another cup of coffee in the afternoon – 1 cup a day – is my quota.

But yes!  Tim Hortons had a new breakfast Sandwich that I finally got to eat a few Saturdays ago – it’s the Hickory Smoked Ham Breakfast Sandwich.  It might looked like a Macdonald’s Ham Sandwich – but this is way better – less greasy and very tasty and feels light.  When I eat Macdonald’s breakfast – I always feel so guilty because it feels so greasy and fattening – but I’ll have to say that after eating this Hickory Smoked Ham Breakfast sandwich – i didn’t feel that way – i felt good.  So yes!  I’ll eat this sandwich from now on.  Yums!

Girls’ Night Out

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I am currently reading up on  lipofuze reviews because I have been a really bad girl and since i have been entertaining and eating out so much – I think i really need some help – to get back into shape.   Before Christmas – I had a whole strings of makan sessions with friends and customers.  After Christmas – I had another girls’ night out – and had Chinese at the Zhu’s.  Followed by some more lunches with suppliers and one of my advertisers had offered me a write up for a local food place.   So you can imagine – I’m very far from the ideal weight I had aimed for – and am avoiding my family doctor like a plague.


But i had so much fun at our girls’ night out – we are going to be doing this  a lot more often.


This is Lynette and her daughter – Brianna – long time friend – she was the one who invited me and Chloe.   Lynette is such a wonderful person – and always bring food back for me when she is up in Halifax.


And I in turn invited Kim and Jasmine – both who are very good and long time friends too.


The couple are Lynette’s step daughter and spouse – and they just gave birth to a baby – very nice couple – I do like them.


I had the buffet and chloe had a bit of noodles and didn’t even finished her food.


Kim had General Tao – and Lynette and the rest of her party – had buffet except Brianna who had egg rolls and rice.  The kids had so much fun drawing and playing at the basement of the restaurant.  And we the adults spent 2 hrs eating and yakking.  We even had a piece of lemon meringue ! hahah!  too bad I should have ordered some coffee to go with it.  But yes ! had lots of food – and definitely need to do on a diet now and get some good diet pills.

I Have Been Greedy

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On Monday – we received this package all the way from Singapore – this was from Kai Mah Lina ! and before I show you what is inside – I want to let you know that half of this box had my favorite food in it.  Chloe had said to me a few days ago – that Kai Mah knows us best – I asked her what she meant – and she said – that Kai Mah brought me my favorite food and all the gifts inside were what she wanted and the dresses and blouse were all of the right sizes.

Anyhow, I only received this box a few days ago – and I’ve already eaten two boxes of my favorite food – so greedy eh.  Can you guess what I ate?   I told PB that I would be working extra hard on my exercises and even throw some lower ab workouts because of all the goodies that are inside this box.   PB said – I should probably slow down on it – so that i would last me longer – hahah!  but I told him I just couldn’t resist it – so much so that the two times I cooked them – I didn’t even stop to take a picture of the food – because I was really drooling for it.  Crazy eh.

Maria & Friends Ch 9

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part 1

part 2

part 3

So it’s the weekend again, time surely flies – so here I am leaving you with another cooking show with Fei Ma and her friend.  Check it out and maybe learn a dish or two from her like i do every week.  They say the way to the man’s heart is thru’ his tummy – but in my case – both kid and man – are such fussy eater – so it won’t work – but that doesn’t stop me from making good food for myself – muahahahha!!

Holiday Cranberry Sauce

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During the holidays – Macdonalds had a festive sauce that went with the chicken Mcnuggets and since Chloe don’t think any sauce with her Mcnuggets – I decided one day to give it a try.


So what is the verdict for the sauce?  it wasn’t bad at all – but I still prefer the BBQ sauce that comes with the Mcnuggets.  But since we don’t get a variety of sauce like we do in Asia – I had to be a little adventurous.

New Dining Chairs

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We started off the new year with buying new dining chairs – you see – we’ve decided that if we have our meals at home on Sunday – we should make it a habit to eat around the dining table.   We did have chairs – don’t get me wrong – it’s just that we wanted chairs that looked the same and not some mis-matched.   It’s very important to have the dining table and chairs all in the same color – that way – when we do have the extended family over for dinner – at least we have some proper chairs for them to sit on too.

Next to work on some contemporary furniture for Chloe’s room and the basement.  We’ve just bought a new chest of drawers for Chloe as well – together with the dining chairs.  Last year – we did the outdoor patio furnitures – and this year – we have to do Chloe’s new furniture and the basement as well.   But unlike when we first started – when we do buy any furniture or any big items for the house – we will be paying in cash and not a credit card no more.  Credit cards can get evil – especially if you get too busy and miss the month’s payment.

Breakfast With My Girlfriend – The CFO

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So I had breakfast with my girlfriend who came all the way from out of town to visit me – she is the Chief Financial Officer for a well-known hotel chain here in Canada.   For those who are thinking of the Rodd chain of hotels- you are wrong – because the hotel chain we are talking about is way, way above the Rodd chain of hotels.   Those who knows my background and which hotels I used to work for – would know what I’m talking about.

Anyhow, my girlfriend had been a long time friend – and we met when she was having a short tour in Asia – Hong Kong to be exact – where I was stationed for 6 months. Both of us were crazy when it comes to gold and we invest in nothing else but gold.  So when I do buy gold for investment purpose – I would always check it out with her and she is always right about it – whether it is a good time to invest or to wait for a few more weeks.   Of course, being the Chief Financial Officer – does have it perks because she meets all sorts of clients around the world.

So even though our breakfast was cheap – I actually gotten rich with her recommendations and she insisted on paying for breakfast.  It was a short visit – and it was for work – so we caught breakfast very quickly before she had to say her goodbyes.  I just missed all these investment talks with the usual group I used to lunch and have dinner or drinks with back home and seeing my girlfriend in my small town – makes me yearn to go back to the city but Chloe is more important – so for now – I will only invest through my CFO girlfriend – who never fails me.  Thank you girlfriend – for making a special trip just to say hi.

Ice Cream @ Peg’s Family Restaurant

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Peg is definitely a family restaurant ! look at the ice cream they have with the kid’s meal – the kid’s meal is half the price of what we normally would pay for our food.  The food is great and it comes with a juice or a pop and then a huge ice cream.  They even squeeze some chocolate sauce onto the ice cream when we asked for it and it’s absolutely free – now if they have something for the kid to draw and color – that would be perfect!


Food Delivery

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Food delivery is very common here in the States and Canada – I know that in UK – you can order your Chinese food and get them delivered to your apartment too.  If you are staying in a hotel – while you are on vacation or business trip and you don’t want to pay exorbitant prices eating in the hotel – you can get  food delivery through the concierge but not all hotels encouraged it.

Food delivery is great here too – because when PB is busy at the store – all we need to do when we order even Chinese from the Zhu’s they can deliver it to you.  But of course, when you are overseas – and you don’t know the restaurant well, all  you need to do is to go on the web – and order the food online from a particular restaurant that you want – and pay and even tip online – pretty cool – easy and no need to line up or wait at the restaurant while the food is being cook.  I like that a lot.  Do you  have food delivery in your area?  how do you order your food to be delivered?

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