So I had breakfast with my girlfriend who came all the way from out of town to visit me – she is the Chief Financial Officer for a well-known hotel chain here in Canada.   For those who are thinking of the Rodd chain of hotels- you are wrong – because the hotel chain we are talking about is way, way above the Rodd chain of hotels.   Those who knows my background and which hotels I used to work for – would know what I’m talking about.

Anyhow, my girlfriend had been a long time friend – and we met when she was having a short tour in Asia – Hong Kong to be exact – where I was stationed for 6 months. Both of us were crazy when it comes to gold and we invest in nothing else but gold.  So when I do buy gold for investment purpose – I would always check it out with her and she is always right about it – whether it is a good time to invest or to wait for a few more weeks.   Of course, being the Chief Financial Officer – does have it perks because she meets all sorts of clients around the world.

So even though our breakfast was cheap – I actually gotten rich with her recommendations and she insisted on paying for breakfast.  It was a short visit – and it was for work – so we caught breakfast very quickly before she had to say her goodbyes.  I just missed all these investment talks with the usual group I used to lunch and have dinner or drinks with back home and seeing my girlfriend in my small town – makes me yearn to go back to the city but Chloe is more important – so for now – I will only invest through my CFO girlfriend – who never fails me.  Thank you girlfriend – for making a special trip just to say hi.


  1. uj

    Hi MB, i m doing my MBA now… so pls talk more financial terms and words with me ok? Next week’s the Financial management midterm…. loans, bonds, argh.. headache. 🙂

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