I am currently reading up on  lipofuze reviews because I have been a really bad girl and since i have been entertaining and eating out so much – I think i really need some help – to get back into shape.   Before Christmas – I had a whole strings of makan sessions with friends and customers.  After Christmas – I had another girls’ night out – and had Chinese at the Zhu’s.  Followed by some more lunches with suppliers and one of my advertisers had offered me a write up for a local food place.   So you can imagine – I’m very far from the ideal weight I had aimed for – and am avoiding my family doctor like a plague.


But i had so much fun at our girls’ night out – we are going to be doing this  a lot more often.


This is Lynette and her daughter – Brianna – long time friend – she was the one who invited me and Chloe.   Lynette is such a wonderful person – and always bring food back for me when she is up in Halifax.


And I in turn invited Kim and Jasmine – both who are very good and long time friends too.


The couple are Lynette’s step daughter and spouse – and they just gave birth to a baby – very nice couple – I do like them.


I had the buffet and chloe had a bit of noodles and didn’t even finished her food.


Kim had General Tao – and Lynette and the rest of her party – had buffet except Brianna who had egg rolls and rice.  The kids had so much fun drawing and playing at the basement of the restaurant.  And we the adults spent 2 hrs eating and yakking.  We even had a piece of lemon meringue ! hahah!  too bad I should have ordered some coffee to go with it.  But yes ! had lots of food – and definitely need to do on a diet now and get some good diet pills.


  1. Margaret

    I try to stay away from buffets as much as possible; buffets always tempt me to eat more than I should and then immediately after, I feel guilty but then it’s too late!

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