Last week – when Chloe went to her Grammie’s for the day – PB and I had Hawaiian pizza with chicken from Greco’s.  The call to order it was quick and easy – the staff were nice, friendly and polite and food was ready in 10 mins.  Pretty awesome if you asked me – for a Saturday when I remembered ordering from Pizza Hut back home – can take 45mins or more.  Is it still the same this way back home?  someone please tell me.

We chose Hawaiian pizza with chicken because we wanna try something healthier.  The pineapple were yummy and the chicken was good too.  But I didn’t finished the pizza – I only had 2 pieces and PB only had one.  We are not big fan of pizzas as you can see – but Greco’s is one of our favorite – not too greasy – nor is it dry – or cardboard feel – like some places we have been to.

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  1. uj

    Oh… nope, i think Pizza hut have this order ready in 15 mins service now. Anything that u need to wait >15 mins, u get it for free 🙂

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