You all know how i loved Tim Hortons – or come to loved Tim Hortons – I think more so because of the good people in it.  I think service in a restaurant or cafe – even a fast food chain is important.  I mean – who wants to go into a place where someone is grouchy or think that they are more superior than you right?  But yes! the folks at Tim’s had always treated me right – the morning staff – of course – because I only go in the morning.  I rarely do have another cup of coffee in the afternoon – 1 cup a day – is my quota.

But yes!  Tim Hortons had a new breakfast Sandwich that I finally got to eat a few Saturdays ago – it’s the Hickory Smoked Ham Breakfast Sandwich.  It might looked like a Macdonald’s Ham Sandwich – but this is way better – less greasy and very tasty and feels light.  When I eat Macdonald’s breakfast – I always feel so guilty because it feels so greasy and fattening – but I’ll have to say that after eating this Hickory Smoked Ham Breakfast sandwich – i didn’t feel that way – i felt good.  So yes!  I’ll eat this sandwich from now on.  Yums!

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  1. MeiPY

    Yeah, that looks like a McD’s bacon and egg muffin! But the egg is scrambled here, so it must be better!

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