On Monday – we received this package all the way from Singapore – this was from Kai Mah Lina ! and before I show you what is inside – I want to let you know that half of this box had my favorite food in it.  Chloe had said to me a few days ago – that Kai Mah knows us best – I asked her what she meant – and she said – that Kai Mah brought me my favorite food and all the gifts inside were what she wanted and the dresses and blouse were all of the right sizes.

Anyhow, I only received this box a few days ago – and I’ve already eaten two boxes of my favorite food – so greedy eh.  Can you guess what I ate?   I told PB that I would be working extra hard on my exercises and even throw some lower ab workouts because of all the goodies that are inside this box.   PB said – I should probably slow down on it – so that i would last me longer – hahah!  but I told him I just couldn’t resist it – so much so that the two times I cooked them – I didn’t even stop to take a picture of the food – because I was really drooling for it.  Crazy eh.

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