We started off the new year with buying new dining chairs – you see – we’ve decided that if we have our meals at home on Sunday – we should make it a habit to eat around the dining table.   We did have chairs – don’t get me wrong – it’s just that we wanted chairs that looked the same and not some mis-matched.   It’s very important to have the dining table and chairs all in the same color – that way – when we do have the extended family over for dinner – at least we have some proper chairs for them to sit on too.

Next to work on some contemporary furniture for Chloe’s room and the basement.  We’ve just bought a new chest of drawers for Chloe as well – together with the dining chairs.  Last year – we did the outdoor patio furnitures – and this year – we have to do Chloe’s new furniture and the basement as well.   But unlike when we first started – when we do buy any furniture or any big items for the house – we will be paying in cash and not a credit card no more.  Credit cards can get evil – especially if you get too busy and miss the month’s payment.

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