I never used to like spicy food when I was living back home in Asia – Singapore – in fact – my mom and sister loved the chilli – and sambal – but not me – thank you very much – I would tell them.  But ever since migrating her to Canada – I cannot eat anything without the spicy.  Even when I eat spaghetti – I need to have tabscos sauce on it – else i won’t eat spaghetti at all.  So you can understand why I am always on the look out for the best acne products because my mom had always said that when you take too much spicy food – you will have pimples and acne popping out.


These are some of the spicy food we can get at our local grocery store – but I still don’t think they are spicy enough for me.  I want really spicy please.


More spicy food means more acne and pimples – but eat first and then treat it later.


  1. ES


    That was what I used to think too.

    But at our age, OK, I am in my mid-thirties, I don’t think it is the spicy food. I live in S’pore and I love spicy food! I eat chilli padi! Love it with my noodles.

    Thus, I am sure, I eat more spicy food than you and the weather here is much hotter and humid than Canada, I don’t get that many pimples now. I used to have lots when I was in secondary school.

    I think it is more to do with hormones and keep our skin clean and moist. 😉


  2. simie

    MB, by all accounts, spicy food is good for us. It helps in weight loss. Yeah, it’s true, that’s what the experts say so the more chillies you eat, the easier it is to lose weight!

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