So we all eat out every now and then – it can be a fast food restaurant – it can be a japanese one – my favorite or it can also be a nice cafe down the street.  Some we frequent more and some less – but what about the people who gets our food ready?   do you tip them?  how do you tip them?  10%?  or according to the service you received?  pray tell.

What about me?  I used to tip according to the service – when I was in Asia and traveling with the company I worked for – after all, the tips were paid by the company as well – since we claimed entertainment.  Plus it is not unusual to tip more to your favorite sommelier – who knows exactly what wine you like or reserved a particular wine just for your party that you were entertaining.

But coming to Canada – the spouse aka PB pays for all meals – so he does the tipping as well.  Normally, we tip no less than $5 – but we usually tip 15% of the bill.  But what is the right tipping etiquette you asked?  is there one?  and what about the waiter or waitress who served you for 2 hrs – especially if you have a table of 8 – 10?

I spoke to some professionals in the service industry – and they feel that if not by the service you received than at least 15% of your bill.  So remember – if you eat anywheres – please tip your waiter or waitress – because it definitely shows that you appreciate their time and service.  But if you tip differently – please also let me know.


  1. Sunny

    I am not used to the tipping though as we dont need to tip in NZ. I normally tip 15% when I travelled to the countries with tipping custom.

    BTW, how come I can not change my information in your site? Cheers

  2. Karen

    I usually tip about 18-20% of my bill in USA. I work as a waiter part-time. I hate some people don’t leave tip or just a dollar or two. that why we say “if you can’t tip dont eat out.” go get take-out. Cause all servers in USA here base on the tip not hourly pay.


  3. Jess.

    I tip according to service, from 40$ of a standard $80 bill (50%) for quality service. Or Nothing at all for horrid customer service, but generally service is good.

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