On Valentine’s Day morning – we received a mail addressed to Chloe – came a long way from Singapore – I knew Chloe would be excited about it when she got back from school.  Chloe loves receiving mail for her in the mailbox – she always complained that only PB and I get mails – hahahha!! silly gal !  in which PB replied that she could have all his mails and pay the bills as well – for most of the mails addressed to PB are bills.


The Ang Pow came from Singapore – from Chloe’s Kai Mah (godma) Lina.  She always send Chloe an ang pow every year – so thoughtful.


New money ! chloe said! hahah!


Thank you Lina ! we appreciate your thoughtfulness and your love for Chloe.  We haven’t posted the Christmas presents from you yet – because I’m using a new laptop from Christmas and not used to the program – because I can’t get paint shop pro to load onto the new laptop.  As you can see the fonts are different in this new program – because it’s different and I so not used to it.  But I will post up the presents pictures really soon.

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  1. Cynthia

    It’s been awhile since I have visited your website, Chloe is still very adorable :). I am happy to know your Chrismas and Valentines Day are awesome this year. I wish you and your family the bestest :). I am happy that you are still posting till this very day.

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