While I cannot celebrate my chinese new year with my family and friends from home – a group of parents from here with half chinese kids like my own – Chloe – gets together and have Chinese New Year dinner.  The kids are all dressed up in red and Chinese cheong sam and exchange ang pows and presents.  They bring so much joy to me in helping me keep our Chinese tradition alive in such a faraway land.


This is Zoe and she is such a happy and joyful girl – she eats a lot of chinese food and loves it.  I wished my chloe was more like that.


We also have Sarah, Jasmine, Zoe and Shaleigh with us – we are missing Kylie – maybe she will join us next year – together with Yen, Jervin, Jessica and the Baby J.  Where is Chloe?  she was being very naughty that day and refused to take pictures and being a brat.  She is not often this way when we are out for dinner or lunch – so we were a bit taken a back when she behaved so badly.  But the rest of the girls – they were wonderful and ate all their food and was behaving so well.


Well, here is chloe finally – agreeing to let me take a picture – after I promised her some chocolate.  I didn’t take pictures of the food – because Chloe was being so bad.  But Mr Zhu made us some special fish and seafood and tofu soup.  Next year – we will have “Yu Sheng” and I will ask for chinese mushroom in advance – and I will make some chinese tong sui too.  We were also very happy to have a friend from Korea joined us with her Canadian hubby. They actually own their own business just down the road from us.   Our Korean friend is very pretty – if you saw her – you would think she is a Korean movie star.  Again i had forgotten to take pictures – but next year – I promised to do so.


Of course, we have dear Sarah here – she has come a long way – and I think she has come to like me – and quite familiar with me now.  I love her so much – because I met Sarah before she came to Canada.  PB did join us – even though you don’t see him in the photos.  Thanks to Kim for setting the dinner up and Gerald and Adele for starting this tradition.


Meet feisty Jasmine – the girl who never cries even when she falls down or get bumped around  – she is such a wonderful kid !  I tell yer this girl is going to go places.

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