So everyone is asking what I had for Chinese New Year’s day – well  – I had Bak Kut Teh – because we had to open our store on that day – also there was a snow storm here during the first day of Chinese New Year.  And the programmable cooker works like the old one – just that now I don’t have to be worried about overcooking the food.  But what suxs about the programmable cooker is – it turns itself off – from “warm” after 14 hours – so if you can’t finish your food within the 14hrs – you have to re-program it – but most people won’t have any trouble as the entire family would eat it, wherelse – it’s only me and chloe eating the entire pot of Bak Kut Teh – so sometimes – it takes a few days.


And yes – you there is a safety lock on it – which means you can cook and carry it to somewhere else – if you are having a potluck.


  1. shirleyloo

    wahhh so yummy lahhhhh..seee oni oredy saliva drooling 😉 the slow cooker is awesome MB!!! good buy ;-DD

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