We have been having guests at our home from out of town and we were quite pleased to find these at our local grocery store and bought some to entertain our guests during the weekend.  We had a house full and we entertained till quite late on the weekend – poor chloe went to bed at 11.30pm last night and got up at  7.30am this morning – poor kid! even I had dark circles on both eyes – so does PB – although he said it wasn’t dark circles.  Now I need to  get rid of dark circles before I go for my Tri-county cultural festival this Saturday.


Our guests were quite impressed with the design of the gourmet cupcakes – but truth be told – as per them – the cupcakes were like any fluffy cupcakes with fancier dressing on top.  For $2.99, I’ll have to say they are quite expensive – the kids didn’t finished the whole cupcakes – in fact one took a bite and said he didn’t quite like it and left it on the table for the entire evening.


I think they have 29 different kind and flavor for the cupcakes – and if they were smaller and cheaper – it wouldn’t be so bad to buy them again – when I am entertaining friends.


Like I said – it is very pretty but I would like to host some tea parties for Chloe’s friend – but definitely wouldn’t be with these cupcakes – if they are so expensive and huge.


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