I’ve never eaten a hamburger lunch in a restaurant for the longest time – because I’ve always thought it was a waste of good money – but having faith in Peg’s family restaurant down on Main Street – I ordered a  swiss mushroom burger with a side Caesar.   The burger was huge as you can see here and it was the yummiest burger I’ve had in a long, long time!  worth every penny i paid for it and it’s not expensive at all.   I could eat this everyday – but then  how to lose belly fat like that right?


Choe had her special fish and chips without the batter – they are awfully sweet right?


Look at my yummy burger with caramelized onions – my favorite.


Oh did I tell you – I never eat the top side of my burger bun?  If i did – i won’t be able to finish my burger.  As it is – I couldn’t finished my salad.


And the ice cream flavor was birthday ice cream.  Yums!  and PB had the same of course – chicken cordon bleu.


  1. shirleyloo

    I must say your caesar salad looks reallly tempting to me loh!!! small size bites..arghhh!!! geram! 😉

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