Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  so did you all enjoy your day?  PB and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day due to personal reasons but we did get out our audio video cables and moved our LCD tv from the basement to the bedroom and watched a movie together.  He also got me a card and a teddy bear  – a small ornament type – which was very sweet – as I wasn’t expecting it.  As for Chloe and her school – her grammie helped to make cookies for everyone – heart shaped ones and we bought some of these cupcakes for the teachers and various chocolate goodies for the kids.  But overall, we had a quiet evening – nothing spectacular and if you know PB – you would know that he can hook wires around the house like a pro technician – trust him to wire up all sorts of audio and video cables just about anywhere in our home.


  1. lina

    that’s very sweet of PB 🙂 I’ve not ‘seen’ roses for many Valentine’s Day already LOL !! Hub said everyday to him is Valentine’s Day wor 😉

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