A blogging friend told me about Jamie’s 30 minute meals and how she was trying it out the other day – and I do love Jamie Oliver from UK very much.  I used to watch his cooking shows all the time – when I was pregnant with Chloe.  Anyhow, while shopping for some security cameras for the store – I found the book but also found the online version of it.  So here is the first episode of Season 2 – i hope you all enjoy it.

Why security cameras for the store?  we already have some – but lately – we have kids coming in all the time and kissing and hugging at our store – like we are invisible.  Showing affection is great – but come on!!!! get a room!!!  so anyhow – I told the kids that kissing at our store will cost them $5 and that i reserve the right to put their kissing footage on our website – so there – I went out to get some more cameras – to catch them in action at the corner of our store.  hahahahah!!!  have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. MeiPY

    A work friend tried one of his 30 minute meals… Apparently it took her an hour to make. Used to love his other show… The Naked Chef. Very original at the time.

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