So I finally broke down and bought a coffee machine.  I chose this machine – mainly because I wanted to support our downtown business – so instead of buying it from Zellers or Walmart  – I bought it from Sandy’s Gift store at downtown – Main Street.  And like any downtown store – you can expect good service and they know exactly what they are selling and when stock are coming in.


The Keurig Coffee machine was $119 + tax (the government wants their share of course) but it comes with a sample box of coffee – of 18 different kind of coffee – and a cup of tea too.  We had also bought a few sample cups to try.


The Keurig Coffee Machine uses – what they called a K- Cup and it’s very simple to use – because chloe makes my coffee now.  So if my 7 yrs old can press a few buttons and make me coffee everyday – so can you.  So far I’ve tried a few of the K-cup and enjoyed most of them – and you will be getting some reviews on the flavor I’ve tried.  The coffee machine has an auto off button and you don’t have to leave the machine on – if you are done with it.  Making another cup of coffee is easy to heat – and it doesn’t take long to heat the water at all.   Is it worth paying so much for the machine – I say yes! because now I can have hot chocolate or coffee anytime I want – I don’t have to think of going to Tim’s to get my coffee anymore – although I still go and get timbits for Chloe and a Cinnamon frosted bun for PB.  Definitely worth buying if you have an office full of people who drinks coffee – or a household of more than 1 person drinking hot drinks.


  1. Alice

    I have the mini one. Love it. Better than those instant coffee!
    Mama Bok.. Want to watch the rippling blossom episode 16. How

  2. MeiPY

    OOOOOH. Looks so good. I wish I had a coffee machine in the office too, then I wouldn’t have to rely on 2 spoons of instant coffee (for each cup) all the time!

  3. lina

    Wow, reasonable price. I paid closed to $600 for a simple Nespresso & Milk Frother & that’s ‘staff price’.

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