We had pizza night with the girls on Saturday and this two boxes was what was left of what we had ordered.  We had the Hawaiian Chicken BBQ pizza and another 2 with pepperoni, mushrooms and bacon bits – and 2 orders of garlic fingers and another 2 orders of cinna-strips.   The kids loved the cinna-strips and finished that first and one of the daughter of a girlfriend – who has acne refused to eat any pizza because she said it makes her acne flare up and that it leaves a even more apparent mark on her acne when she eats pizza.  I’ve never heard about that before – but the girl had legit fear – so we didn’t pushed it – lucky for us – one of my girlfriend who works at the hospital, she recommended that the teenager use a acne scar removal together with avoiding the food that might make her acne flare up –  and by going together – she would have better results.  I’m just glad that I never was plagued with acne even when I was a teenager – and I’m hoping Chloe won’t have any of that trouble too – since PB never had acne when he was a teenager.   But our Pizza night was a blast – and the kids had fun at our basement.

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