I have been wanting to buy this for a lonnnngg time – but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on any gadgets – even though I know that I would benefit from it.  But a programmable slow cooker was definitely in my agenda – and to – buy list.  So when by fluke – I saw it go on sale – I grabbed it.  No more excuses for not cooking a meal for the kid – and buy take outs.   And the first meal I cooked in it was my Chinese New Year dinner – can you guess what it is?

A programmable slow cooker is good – because I need not worry about when I need to cook – to time it exactly to the time I have to get home to turn it off.  Also – I don’t want to under cook or over cook our food and risk of getting the house burned down.  Of course, it wouldn’t happened but you never know right – so yes!  it was definitely a good buy at $40 + tax!   Plus I do like to slow cook my food – they are way more nutritious.


Ta – da ! my new slow cooker!


  1. Margaret

    I was also looking at a slow cooker before Christmas but still haven’t bought one as I’m still trying to get as much feed back as I can from friends who own one. Are you happy with the performance? Also, from the picture, it looks like yours have the lock handles for transporting?

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