Eating Salad & Keeping Well

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Some people eat to live and some live to eat – which one are you?  Well, I’m the type that live to eat – but i also believe in keeping well and healthy and not overeat – whenever I can.  While some people take their  hgh to keep their energy with the supplement – I try to eat in moderation and eat my salad and veggies/fruits as much as I can.


I haven’t eaten a bowl of chilli for a long time – so I took advantage of Wendy’s Pair 2 for 4.99 deal – I ordered a chilli instead of a burger or baked potatoe.  The chilli was yummy  – not spicy at all – i’m sure all of you know by now.


But don’t worry I had something healthy as well, i had a salad ! they didn’t have the apple pecan salad – so I had to settle for that BLT Cobb.


The BLT Cobb consisted of blue cheese – my favorite !  veggies, chicken chunks,  smoked bacon, kernel corn and avocado ranch salad cream.  but i like the apple pecan a lot better.  You should try the salad – they are really yummy!

Omelet For Lunch

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A few Sundays ago – we swung by Jungle Jim’s for lunch because Chloe misses the nice gals working there – but I wasn’t really  hungry – so I ordered an omelet.  But I had forgotten that their servings were huge – and as you can see – there was toast – wholewheat – a huge omelet (which I had already asked for 2 eggs instead of the regular 3 in the menu) and look at all the potatoes.  But of course, we all know what fried food does to me – black heads and white heads will start popping out  – so while I was waiting for Chloe’s dessert thought I should go on – to check out what to do – before I forget and go home without reading it.


Even though I only had two pieces of potato cubes – my white heads still came out – I just don’t do well with fried food I guess.  That’s why I have no choice but to eat noodles in soup or wanton soup – just can’t eat fried stuff -too much.


But look – Chloe and PB ate all the french fries and potato fries – and they didn’t get nothing – so it’s just me – some people cannot eat fried stuff and some can – and of course some argues that fried food has nothing to do with white or black heads – but it magically appears whenever I do eat fried stuff.   Back home I loved Goreng Pisang so much – but I just cannot eat them – as soon as I do – Poof!!!  black and white heads – but if i eat kueh tutu – steamed – no problemo!  so you see lah!!!

In Search For Live Lobsters

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Last weekend, the sun was out and we figured it shouldn’t be that bad to go on a short road trip and look for some live lobsters that a customer had told us about.  He had said that the lobsters were cheaper than the salmon we buy from the local grocery store and knowing how much I loved lobsters – PB said we should take a ride out of town with our trusty magellan gps and make an adventure outta it.


The road was windy and we had to stop for a few times because of my motion sickness – lucky we had blue sky and calming ocean  water to look at  to calm my headache.


And after a while – we found our live lobsters !! woohoo!!  thank God for GPs else I should probably have taken gravol like PB said.

Mr Sweet Ch 04

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I also leave you with Mr Sweet – and some dessert tips – enjoy and don’t forget to try out some of these tips for yourself.  Hope you enjoy making great desserts for you and your family.

Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals Season 2 Ep 7

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This week – I leave you with Jamie Oliver’s Mustard Chicken.  I haven’t had mustard chicken before – have you?  well show time.   Mustard chicken with greens and potatoes and black forest affoga (whatever that is) hahahah!! Have a great weekend all!

250 Commemorative Rum

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Last weekend – we were at the SPCA Farmer’s Market and of course, we bought a few goodies (i love supporting the local anything here) and this bottle of 250 Commemorative Rum.  This rum is bottled and distilled in Lunenburg in celebration of 250 years of Yarmouth and only 250 bottles are available.  PB and I feel that we have to support the town’s effort to revitalize downtown – therefore, paid $75 for this bottle of rum.  We don’t drink at all – so this special bottle of rum will be going to Grampie.   There will be a launch on May 14 to collect them at Rudders in downtown.  I really think it is a good cause and everyone should get one – I mean how many town gets to celebrate their 250 yrs right.  I may not be from here – but I’m very gung-ho about support the town I am currently living in, after all, I may end up in an old age home here in the future muahahahha!


Business Lunch With My Private Banker

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While I don`t get invited to many business lunch like I used to when I was back home – you all know that the last 2.5 yrs before moving to Canada – I worked for the world`s 2nd most largest telecommunication company in Europe right?  Yes, i traveled with them around the world – the second time for work – and it was fabulous working for a Greek boss and a Spanish director – Mr Hernandez & Mr Tsingos.   Anyhow, my private banker called me up for lunch to tell me about  investing  – of course !  and where did we go for lunch?  my favorite place of course!  at Peg’s family restaurant.


We both had steak and PB had chicken cordon bleu of course ( what else???!!!??)  I had my steak in medium well – while my private banker had his – medium rare – “adventurous”.  The steak and the baked potato was yummy !  the steak was done the way i liked it and the baked potato was creamy – didn’t need any extra butter.  I appreciate what they did with the baked potato – fancy eh.


A closer look at my yummy potato!


My steak was huge and it wasn’t even expensive – to begin with.  so if you want to take someone out for a fancy lunch – or a business lunch – or even an office lunch – check out Peg’s on Main Street.   Of course, we had coffee and water – you know the usual – i didn’t take pictures of.  Service as usual was perfect – and owner was fabulously gracious.  And did we invest in gold bullion – of course after such a fabulous lunch paid by my private banker – how to say no eh – so in order words – if you wanna score with your client/s – bring them for a great lunch at Peg’s.

Coconut Cream Pie With Real Cream

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If you haven’t had coconut cream pie – you have to try some –  but I can’t eat a lot of desserts because I’m diabetic – but seeing that it has real cream on it – I just had to try some.  I figured if they were too sweet – I would give them to Chloe’s Grammie who loved coconut cream pie too.  But after having a small piece – it was yummy and not too sweet – so I did have some more of it.  It took me a long time to finish the coconut cream pie – but I would recommend it to anyone who loves coconut cream pie but not too sweet.  There were coconut bits on top of it – and it was just nice.

Wendy’s Pair 2 $4.99 Deals

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Last weekend – Chloe went to Grammie’s – so I didn’t have to cook and was in the store – and as usual I didn’t know what to eat for dinner – so I took a look at the Wendy’s website and came across the Wendy’s Pair 2 – $4.99 deals.  You can choose from some of the meals they have any 2 – for $4.99 but what attracted me was the salad !!  as you all know I love veggies and salads at any fast food restaurant here are pretty expensive – but pairing it with something else – makes it worthwhile.  They had real blue cheese on the salad – yums!


I ordered the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad and a baked potatoes for my meal.  I haven’t had baked potatoes for a long time now, so it was a good change and yummy!


The baked potato had chives on it – but you can ask them for a plain baked potato if you liked and the sour cream was in another side tub thingie – so you can put as much as you like or as little.   The pecan on the salad was crunchy and light – they don’t have thousand island dressing though but they did have a pomegranate vinaigrette dressing.   Now who said you can’t have healthy fast food -hahaha!!

Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals Season 2 Ep 6

Posted by mamabok | Cooking Shows,Food Review | Saturday 19 March 2011 12:09 am

It’s the weekend again of course – and it also marks the end of March break for my lil’ cutie pie – Chloe.   This weekend also sees us buying another 2 Princess Tea Party tickets for 2 lucky gals in Chloe school – thanks to Ice Cube Junkie’s Fan – Frances Bee from Oregon, USA.   Frances donated 2 tickets via paypal – @ $30 a ticket for the Children’s Wish Foundation – Princess Tea Party – all proceeds for the ticket will go directly to the Children Wish Foundation to help grant a sick child his/her wish.   I hope that fans of this blog will show your generosity like Frances from Oregon – but of course, with no obligation.   Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this episode of Jamie’s Spring Lamb – interesting eh and have a great weekend everyone.
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Mr Sweet Chapter 03

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And another chapter of mr sweet – for those with a sweet tooth – enjoy ! and have a great weekend.  Support my Princess Tea Party – if you want to – thanks!

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Dried Scallops In Soup

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We don’t have dried scallops here – ironic – since we are a fishing town – where scallops are sold fresh from the sea and really cheap too.  These dried scallops are from Lina – Chloe’s Kai Mah – from last year – I had frozen them and use them only when I make lotus root soup.  The other secret I found out on how to make the soup taste good is the pork ribs – one cannot use stewing pork for our chinese soup but pork ribs is a must.  Using the pork ribs or riblets – the soup taste extraordinary yummy!  try that yourself eh and let me know.

The Asian Way Of Announcing A Birth

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While in the West they have baby shower – the East – us crazy Asians – we have Ang Ku Kueh – to announce the birth of our precious children.  The one month birthday celebration and gathering with friends and family with red eggs and the traditional Ang Ku Kueh is our way of announcing the birth of a newborn .   I never really appreciated it when I was living in Asia – but now – I wished I could have Ang Ku Kueh every time someone has a birth announcement – and over here in this town  – there is someone having a baby every month.   But don’t get me wrong, we still have birth announcement invitation cards and pictures of the baby that comes with the invite.  And back home, if you’ve given a gift during the baby shower, you will have a thank you card with the newborn pictures in it.   But give me the Ang Ku Kueh anytime – I don’t mind not having the red eggs though – although kids love the red eggs.  So I’ve decided to learn how to make Ang Ku Kueh – not that I’m announcing any birth – but it’s a tradition I want to keep going for Chloe.

Fishball Eating Kid

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,FoodBuzz,My Musing,The Brat | Tuesday 15 March 2011 6:48 pm


Chloe never likes to try new things – not even fish balls that I get sometimes when someone goes up to Halifax.  These are cuttle fish balls that Chloe was trying out – the first time – I had told her that every Chinese kid in Singapore eats fish balls.  The verdict?  she said it was not bad – but not too much please.


I also told her that if she doesn’t learn how to eat fish balls – how is she gonna survive when we go home for a visit – so she said she would try it. mauahhahaha!!!  I’m just happy to see her trying out new food instead of just saying a flat no to me every time.  This is definitely a milestone for me and Chloe.

Tea Party For The Princesses

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The Princess Tea Party is just round the corner and as you can see we’ve purchased a few tickets – our way of giving back – and also to bring our princess for the tea party.  The Princess Tea Party is organized by the Children’s Wish foundation for the kids who are sick  – the proceeds goes to granting wishing to these sick kids.  I think it is a very meaningful event and thing to do – for raising a kid is hard enough but to raise a sick kid – now that is an admirable thing.

Grampie sponsored Chloe’s ticket @ $30 a ticket and I’m asking PB to save on getting the cheapest auto insurance this year – so that we can buy more tickets in support for this event.  For those who are reading this blog and want to support this event – please leave me a comment – and I’ll tell you how you can support this event.  I’m sure there are many kids out there who would love to attend the Princess Tea Party but cannot afford it – not only will you make a child smile but you also help with making a sick kid’s wish come true.  I thank you in advance for your generosity.

Mr Sweet 02

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Chinese,Cooking Shows | Saturday 12 March 2011 1:03 am

So I left you about cooking the most delicious pasta in 30 mins – now how can I not leave you something for your sweet tooth and dessert right?  Well, let Pastry Master Chef Thomas Lui teach you a thing or two.  Enjoy and have a best weekend with your loved ones.  Watching cooking shows are great but make sure you make time for them as well.

Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals Season 2 Ep 5

Posted by mamabok | Cooking Shows,Entertainment,Meet Up With,My Musing | Saturday 12 March 2011 12:58 am

It’s the weekend again – and I’m leaving you this episode of Jamie’s 30 minutes meals about Jool’s pasta.  If you are a pasta lover like I am – you won`t want to miss this episode.  Enjoy ! and have the best weekend!

My Old Sandwich Maker

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My sandwich maker must be at least several years ago – given to me as a present from PB’s Aunt – Helena for Christmas – bless her heart!  Although I loved grilled sandwich when I was back home in Singapore – I didn’t feel quite a need to eat sandwiches anymore here in Canada.  Back home, we can have Roti Prata, chee cheong fun or Lor Mai Kai for breakfast – but here in Canada – it’s sandwiches and sandwiches and more sandwiches.  Ok – I can have a muffin or pancake from Macdonalds but you get the big picture right – also another form if sandwich – flour.


Well, a few weeks ago – long time blogging friend – Grace who sends me food all the way from San Francisco – is now back in Singapore wrote on FB – saying how much she missed the simple meal of tomato soup and grilled tuna sandwich made by her hubby Wen.  After reading her comment on FB – I wanted a tuna sandwich too!  so I took out my old faithful sandwich maker and guess what I made?


Yup!  tuna sandwich on my old faithful and I haven’t used it for so long – I had to try to remember what I was supposed to do – hahahah!!!


The tuna sandwich didn’t turn out as well as I want it to be – but later in the week – I had some more grilled sandwiches and realized that if i toasted the bread first – it would be a lot faster and by using garlic spread – it would definitely smell and taste nicer.   So I’ve been eating some grilled tuna sandwiches and grilled ham sandwiches.   A lot healthier for a quick snack – and sometimes breakfast if I choose too.

Eating With Chopsticks

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Thanks to Kai Mah for the chopsticks – Chloe is able to practice using her chopsticks.  I thought the chopsticks were from Auntie Alice but Chloe insisted that there were from Kai Mah Lina – so ladies please let us know – who sent us the lovely training chopsticks for Chloe.


I’ve always encouraged Chloe to eat with the chopsticks – after all, she is half Chinese and sooner or later – we will have to come home for a visit right?  and how can a half Chinese gal not know how to hold her chopsticks  – hahaha!


In fact for Chloe’s 8th birthday – we are going to make her friends eat with chopsticks – as a game – the one who can use the chopstick the best – is going to win a big prize.


As you can see here – chloe not only loves her chopsticks – she loves eating noodles with her chopsticks.

Sweet Potato Fries & Chicken Wrap

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Fast Food,Food Review,Health,My Musing | Wednesday 9 March 2011 2:37 pm


When the Zhu’s are very busy at the New Century Restaurant – I have to get my lunch from another place – and where better to order from Jungle Jim’s – only 10 mins of wait – and you can get your food.  I love their Chicken wrap and usually i order them with a salad – but since they now have sweet potato fries – I had that instead.  You see PB loves sweet potato fries – and he would eat at least half of it for me.  And I guess sweet potato fries are a lot healthier than fries eh.  So yes! i had that for lunch and usually if i remember i would order a whole wheat wrap instead of the normal ones – yums!

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