250 Commemorative Rum

Last weekend – we were at the SPCA Farmer’s Market and of course, we bought a few goodies (i love supporting the local anything here) and this bottle of 250 Commemorative Rum.  This rum is bottled and distilled in Lunenburg in celebration of 250 years of Yarmouth and only 250 bottles are available.  PB and I … [Read more…]

Fishball Eating Kid

Chloe never likes to try new things – not even fish balls that I get sometimes when someone goes up to Halifax.  These are cuttle fish balls that Chloe was trying out – the first time – I had told her that every Chinese kid in Singapore eats fish balls.  The verdict?  she said it … [Read more…]

Mr Sweet 02

So I left you about cooking the most delicious pasta in 30 mins – now how can I not leave you something for your sweet tooth and dessert right?  Well, let Pastry Master Chef Thomas Lui teach you a thing or two.  Enjoy and have a best weekend with your loved ones.  Watching cooking shows … [Read more…]

Eating With Chopsticks

Thanks to Kai Mah for the chopsticks – Chloe is able to practice using her chopsticks.  I thought the chopsticks were from Auntie Alice but Chloe insisted that there were from Kai Mah Lina – so ladies please let us know – who sent us the lovely training chopsticks for Chloe. I’ve always encouraged Chloe … [Read more…]