While I don`t get invited to many business lunch like I used to when I was back home – you all know that the last 2.5 yrs before moving to Canada – I worked for the world`s 2nd most largest telecommunication company in Europe right?  Yes, i traveled with them around the world – the second time for work – and it was fabulous working for a Greek boss and a Spanish director – Mr Hernandez & Mr Tsingos.   Anyhow, my private banker called me up for lunch to tell me about  investing  – of course !  and where did we go for lunch?  my favorite place of course!  at Peg’s family restaurant.


We both had steak and PB had chicken cordon bleu of course ( what else???!!!??)  I had my steak in medium well – while my private banker had his – medium rare – “adventurous”.  The steak and the baked potato was yummy !  the steak was done the way i liked it and the baked potato was creamy – didn’t need any extra butter.  I appreciate what they did with the baked potato – fancy eh.


A closer look at my yummy potato!


My steak was huge and it wasn’t even expensive – to begin with.  so if you want to take someone out for a fancy lunch – or a business lunch – or even an office lunch – check out Peg’s on Main Street.   Of course, we had coffee and water – you know the usual – i didn’t take pictures of.  Service as usual was perfect – and owner was fabulously gracious.  And did we invest in gold bullion – of course after such a fabulous lunch paid by my private banker – how to say no eh – so in order words – if you wanna score with your client/s – bring them for a great lunch at Peg’s.

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  1. Sharon

    That’s awesome that it wasn’t crazy expensive!
    I emailed you a while back, but I am not sure if you got it… it was regarding the TVB series, as I had a question about it. :o)

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