We don’t have dried scallops here – ironic – since we are a fishing town – where scallops are sold fresh from the sea and really cheap too.  These dried scallops are from Lina – Chloe’s Kai Mah – from last year – I had frozen them and use them only when I make lotus root soup.  The other secret I found out on how to make the soup taste good is the pork ribs – one cannot use stewing pork for our chinese soup but pork ribs is a must.  Using the pork ribs or riblets – the soup taste extraordinary yummy!  try that yourself eh and let me know.


  1. simie

    MB, you also can add dried Octopus (mak yue) to this soup. The ‘mak yue’ makes the soup super sweet! This is one of my favourite ‘lo for tong’!

  2. shirleyloo

    is that candied sweet u put inside??? i tot thats for ‘tong shui’ normally? hmm..improvision eh 😉

  3. Lina

    Simie is right but not sure if it’s available in NS, it really makes the soup very fragrant & tasty

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