Some people eat to live and some live to eat – which one are you?  Well, I’m the type that live to eat – but i also believe in keeping well and healthy and not overeat – whenever I can.  While some people take their  hgh to keep their energy with the supplement – I try to eat in moderation and eat my salad and veggies/fruits as much as I can.


I haven’t eaten a bowl of chilli for a long time – so I took advantage of Wendy’s Pair 2 for 4.99 deal – I ordered a chilli instead of a burger or baked potatoe.  The chilli was yummy  – not spicy at all – i’m sure all of you know by now.


But don’t worry I had something healthy as well, i had a salad ! they didn’t have the apple pecan salad – so I had to settle for that BLT Cobb.


The BLT Cobb consisted of blue cheese – my favorite !  veggies, chicken chunks,  smoked bacon, kernel corn and avocado ranch salad cream.  but i like the apple pecan a lot better.  You should try the salad – they are really yummy!


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