Thanks to Kai Mah for the chopsticks – Chloe is able to practice using her chopsticks.  I thought the chopsticks were from Auntie Alice but Chloe insisted that there were from Kai Mah Lina – so ladies please let us know – who sent us the lovely training chopsticks for Chloe.


I’ve always encouraged Chloe to eat with the chopsticks – after all, she is half Chinese and sooner or later – we will have to come home for a visit right?  and how can a half Chinese gal not know how to hold her chopsticks  – hahaha!


In fact for Chloe’s 8th birthday – we are going to make her friends eat with chopsticks – as a game – the one who can use the chopstick the best – is going to win a big prize.


As you can see here – chloe not only loves her chopsticks – she loves eating noodles with her chopsticks.


  1. ES

    It is nice to hear a Chinese mum says that . 😉

    Does Chloe has a Chinese name? Do you speak Chinese to her?

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