Chloe never likes to try new things – not even fish balls that I get sometimes when someone goes up to Halifax.  These are cuttle fish balls that Chloe was trying out – the first time – I had told her that every Chinese kid in Singapore eats fish balls.  The verdict?  she said it was not bad – but not too much please.


I also told her that if she doesn’t learn how to eat fish balls – how is she gonna survive when we go home for a visit – so she said she would try it. mauahhahaha!!!  I’m just happy to see her trying out new food instead of just saying a flat no to me every time.  This is definitely a milestone for me and Chloe.

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  1. Margo

    When my boys were small I used to use reverse psychology whenever I wanted them to try or do something that they resisted. Works everytime!

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