My sandwich maker must be at least several years ago – given to me as a present from PB’s Aunt – Helena for Christmas – bless her heart!  Although I loved grilled sandwich when I was back home in Singapore – I didn’t feel quite a need to eat sandwiches anymore here in Canada.  Back home, we can have Roti Prata, chee cheong fun or Lor Mai Kai for breakfast – but here in Canada – it’s sandwiches and sandwiches and more sandwiches.  Ok – I can have a muffin or pancake from Macdonalds but you get the big picture right – also another form if sandwich – flour.


Well, a few weeks ago – long time blogging friend – Grace who sends me food all the way from San Francisco – is now back in Singapore wrote on FB – saying how much she missed the simple meal of tomato soup and grilled tuna sandwich made by her hubby Wen.  After reading her comment on FB – I wanted a tuna sandwich too!  so I took out my old faithful sandwich maker and guess what I made?


Yup!  tuna sandwich on my old faithful and I haven’t used it for so long – I had to try to remember what I was supposed to do – hahahah!!!


The tuna sandwich didn’t turn out as well as I want it to be – but later in the week – I had some more grilled sandwiches and realized that if i toasted the bread first – it would be a lot faster and by using garlic spread – it would definitely smell and taste nicer.   So I’ve been eating some grilled tuna sandwiches and grilled ham sandwiches.   A lot healthier for a quick snack – and sometimes breakfast if I choose too.

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  1. Frances

    I prefer grilled tuna or cheese sandwiches over the cold ham, turkey sandwiches for my simple lunch at work … yes, you r right on, I have sandwiches so often for lunch… getting tired of eating it sometimes 🙂

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