A few Sundays ago – we swung by Jungle Jim’s for lunch because Chloe misses the nice gals working there – but I wasn’t really  hungry – so I ordered an omelet.  But I had forgotten that their servings were huge – and as you can see – there was toast – wholewheat – a huge omelet (which I had already asked for 2 eggs instead of the regular 3 in the menu) and look at all the potatoes.  But of course, we all know what fried food does to me – black heads and white heads will start popping out  – so while I was waiting for Chloe’s dessert thought I should go on – to check out what to do – before I forget and go home without reading it.


Even though I only had two pieces of potato cubes – my white heads still came out – I just don’t do well with fried food I guess.  That’s why I have no choice but to eat noodles in soup or wanton soup – just can’t eat fried stuff -too much.


But look – Chloe and PB ate all the french fries and potato fries – and they didn’t get nothing – so it’s just me – some people cannot eat fried stuff and some can – and of course some argues that fried food has nothing to do with white or black heads – but it magically appears whenever I do eat fried stuff.   Back home I loved Goreng Pisang so much – but I just cannot eat them – as soon as I do – Poof!!!  black and white heads – but if i eat kueh tutu – steamed – no problemo!  so you see lah!!!


  1. shirleyloo

    hahahhaaa…i know how frustrated it is to know the fact that you cant eat this coz you will have such problem etc…but well, looking at the positive side, at least you know wat and which food can cause you wat problemo mah 😉 then u can avoid or curi makan abit loh … like me, I dont even know whats causing my high protein in kidney! ;-p

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