While in the West they have baby shower – the East – us crazy Asians – we have Ang Ku Kueh – to announce the birth of our precious children.  The one month birthday celebration and gathering with friends and family with red eggs and the traditional Ang Ku Kueh is our way of announcing the birth of a newborn .   I never really appreciated it when I was living in Asia – but now – I wished I could have Ang Ku Kueh every time someone has a birth announcement – and over here in this town  – there is someone having a baby every month.   But don’t get me wrong, we still have birth announcement invitation cards and pictures of the baby that comes with the invite.  And back home, if you’ve given a gift during the baby shower, you will have a thank you card with the newborn pictures in it.   But give me the Ang Ku Kueh anytime – I don’t mind not having the red eggs though – although kids love the red eggs.  So I’ve decided to learn how to make Ang Ku Kueh – not that I’m announcing any birth – but it’s a tradition I want to keep going for Chloe.

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