Kate & William’s Royal Wedding

I love weddings – but this one holds a special place in my heart – because I was just but a young girl when his mother – Diana married Prince Charles.  Oh my !  time flies!!   I’m sure you are with me – in wishing happiness forever for both Kate and Prince William.

Sweet Potato Biscuit

I’ve never eaten sweet potato biscuits before and home made ones has got to be better right?  so when PB’s Aunt made some during Easter’s supper – i was waiting anxiously to eat it during supper.  She made everything from scratch – love the ang mohs – for they love doing everything from scratch. Grampie … [Read more…]

CupCake On The Go

I had actually seen this in one of our local store down on main street a few weeks ago – but i didn’t buy it immediately because Chloe doesn’t bring a cupcake or a muffin to school often.  Then last Sunday we bought her some banana chocolate muffins for snacks for school and I asked … [Read more…]

Birthday Corn Bread

While most people have a cake for their birthdays – I have corn bread – from Chloe’s grammie – because I’m not a cake person and she knows it.  So nice of her to make corn bread for me and a cake for Chloe and PB.   I love corn bread and wished I could … [Read more…]

Black Pepper Beef For Lunch

I’ve tasted the black pepper beef at the New Century Restaurant once during a buffet – but having Chloe with me for a buffet means not a good meal at all lah!  so I tried the black pepper lunch instead – because I loved black pepper beef and the Zhu’s did not disappoint at all.  … [Read more…]

Chocolate Croissant

It was my birthday last week and I decided to treat myself with a chocolate croissant for the local grocery store – so yummy right it looked.  But alas, it wasn’t as yummy as the ones from Tim’s – I guess I should have warm it up in the oven a bit?  before eating them?  … [Read more…]

Junk Food Lunch

A few weeks ago, Chloe had to attend a birthday party – so we decided to have a quick lunch at Macdonald’s – yes! we eat junk too hahahah!!! Nothing spectacular of course – just some fish burger for PB. And a quarter pounder for me – I think I didn’t have a quater pounder … [Read more…]